• on timing •

I’ve always been the worst at timing. And when it comes to sharing artwork, that trait is really apparent. Somehow, I never seem to find the right time to share photos, news, updates. It rarely feels like the right moment to do so – and I wait. For tomorrow, for sometime later in the day, for another week.

But the problem is the moments pass, and sharing them becomes obsolete, irrelevant. So I don’t, and end up with (mostly) pictures I would have loved to share sooner but whose timing starts getting off as days – sometimes even months – go by.

Trying to organize my mindset better, in a way that lets me share, whatever the moment may be. Nevermind time, it rarely is on our good side. Because the best of times is always this: right N O W.

❨ And that is why a lot of images from last year are only now being brought to light.
Dream. Create. Share.
Let yourself be known. ❩

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