Life has slowly been finding its way back into daily routines after joining motherhood. It’s been a nearly 3 months since we welcomed dearest Alice into our lives and there have been a bundle of challenges and great moments, as expected. Since that day, all pictures taken have been mostly with the smartphone, because it seems holding a baby and a camera is a trick not yet perfected by many. But I’ve been missing the big camera, the soft sharpness and being able to properly edit any captures on the computer.

With this want-need in mind, I have decided to enter the #52weeksproject, created by the lovely jodi, and which focuses on selecting one portrait of your child a week, every week, for a year. Since this is Alice’s FIRST YEAR, it is the ideal time to go for it and then look back at all the moments (and changes!). And then who knows, we might keep on going :) Eleven weeks to catch up on, but bear with me, we will get there.

alice 39 weeksAlice, 39 weeks

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