time for a ‘new year, old me’ post


It seems I’ve been in a rather introspective/saturnine mood ever since the clocks struck midnight and the champagne flowed from bottle to glasses. Don’t get me wrong – deeply excited about the coming year and what may bring but also aware of the many challenges to tackle. I didn’t come up with many resolutions in the beginning of last year and don’t intend on making them again. It feels disappointing to look back and realise you didn’t cross off much of those so-called resolutions and flunked back into the same old patterns. However, I do have a wish/intention for this year: to grow so that I can do. To blossom so that I can be all that I know I can be. To rise up to the occasion.

This turn of the year marks yet another move. By the end of January we expect to have moved out from our current place and into a new one, although it’s an oldie. A return to the roots, if you’d like to call it that, as we are headed to my grandparents’ place which has been vacant after my grandfather’s passing on the last leg of 2015. This makes the whole growing-doing-rising more important than ever: it is an incredible blessing, an unimaginable gift that is being given to us but which comes with its own set of sacrifices from my family’s end and it is imperative that I start making up for all their help and support these past couple of years.

Regarding the photo challenges, the first edition of #the52project will continue until Alice’s first birthday but meanwhile I have started the second edition for 2016 already, which will span the entire year properly. I will try to space out these postings but if it becomes too confusing, I will simply publish the challenge related to the ongoing year weekly and leave the remaining portraits for some other time, probably once it is finished. We’ll see.

Oh beginnings – which are really continuations- you inspire and overwhelm me so.

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