37/52 :: 2016

“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week – in 2016″

seen and inspired by jodi of practising simplicity

there could be many terms of endearment for you but flower girl gladly takes the crown.

here you are, paying close attention as your grandma tends to orchids in dire need of care. you admire the process, want to help and participate. you deeply dislike when i pluck a flower from its stem to hand it to you – you never accept it. and you have never plucked one either, much preferring to pet their petals and blow them kisses. but there have been many instances where you brought flowers (already plucked, left forgotten on the ground) to someone upon meeting them: family members, kids on the playground; and you can’t seem to understand why nobody does the same kindness, to plants or each other.

you have a brave yet sensitive heart.
i absolutely adore that about you, hope the world never lets you squander it too much or break it too hard.
i hope you never forget to cherish it good.

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