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Bea, the Explorer III

What an amazing event! Miss Bea ventured her furry nose and paws all across the balcony, getting only to a need-to-know basis with the plants and furniture. Okay, so we tricked her a little with a bit of fish, so what – it worked! I promise there will be less of these “balcony updates” but it was fun for a while. Well, at least for me.
(And that rusty table piece are definitely going bye-bye soon; it isn’t doing a thing there.)

Bea, the Explorer

The balcony continues to be an out-of-bounds territory but each day that black nose goes a little further out. Having a school right on the other side of the street doesn’t quite help to a soothing environment as, even with windows ajar, the sounds of children playing, screaming, laughing get a bit overwhelming. Maybe this week those paws of hers will go all out, we’ll be here to see.