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• update on huxley •

A few weeks ago, while chatting with a friend I hadn’t seen – or talked to – in a very long time (8 months is a long time, right?), I mentioned Huxley and was sharing some his daily antics, only to see a look of surprise on my friend’s face. R. & I had brought Huxley home in November and we hadn’t spoken much since last September so of course Huxley’s existence was pretty much a blank for him. And then I realized, with all the consecutive hiatus I put into this space, you hadn’t heard of Huxley in a while either.

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In the last 8 months, he has grown A LOT. Though Huxley will never be a big cat, he has a big personality. And for a blind animal, he finds no trouble getting around and about. But he gets himself in a bit of trouble, from time to time.
yinjoyphotography huxley cat

Yup. That’s Huxley, just chillin’ in the highest branch of a tree in our backyard;
he climbs and comes down whenever he wants to. No fuss.

yinjoyphotography huxley catyinjoyphotography huxley cat
yinjoyphotography huxley catyinjoyphotography huxley cat
And he also tends to sleep in the weirdest places.
The other day, I found him sleeping on a table, with his head cozied up to a sellotape dispenser, I mean, head nested into the metal part where you actually CUT. THE. TAPE.

What a weirdo. But we Love him to bits.

• the first days of Huxley •

huxley blind cat yinjoyphotographyhuxley blind cat yinjoyphotography

Straight up, this fella has been a real joy to have around. Sure it can get messy and frustrating sometimes, with helping him paw around and knowing where he can and cannot go, and in the first few days, his routine was all over the place, keeping us awake at night. But now he seems to be finally settling in: he sleeps through most of the night and is, above everything else, a curious gentle soul. We can’t help but spoil him rotten because: just look at him. Isn’t he the most adorable thing ever?

(first image is from when we arrived to pick him up, after almost 6 hours on the road.
And this is how Huxley greeted R.