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• the unknown •

life changes so fast. even when you’re waiting for something to happen, and you don’t know what it is you’re waiting for – boom! – life is what happens to you. you wait for the right timing, the right mood, the right words, the right actions. no matter: life is going to keep rolling that ball right on ahead and you better have the legs – and the heart – to keep up with it. life changes, and changes you while doing so, and leaves you knowing the biggest changes aren’t here yet.

just the seed. a little pod. and a changing world inside.

• Desired Constellation •

It’s a silent Love, this one.

Endured under the radar, when no one is listening, where nothing can ruin It – or get in the way. You don’t expect it, once it hits. Well, you do – you secretly long for it. So much. In-between frustrated attempts, tearful eyes, tired arms. You wait for the moment, that single moment capable of changing Everything. 
And then, funnily enough, once it does you can’t exactly say when it actually happened. You just Know. It’s in you, in everything you do and say. Even when you get angry, even when you have your backs turned on each other. It’s just there, alive, kicking, glowing. Keeping you awake at night.
A sort of Love you can’t brag about or show off around town, with full entitlement. Because it didn’t begin as rightfully yours, and yet… some parts do belong to you. Some victories bear your help, your perseverance. Some laughs you did bring around, as you did some tears (and how bad you felt about that!). You share the responsibility, somewhat. You want to. And it’s right


Alfama, 365

In the beginning of May, a year was passed since we moved to Alfama.
Everything happened so fast back then,
sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe we’re here.

This is Our place. Our view. Our luck.
This is really, absolutely, undoubtedly, Us.
Right here.