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➼ inspiration monday #1

- – - every monday, I will share what has been inspiring me lately.
it can be about photography, food and healthy eating, a movie, or simply a quote.
whatever stirs, inspires.
and I hope it does the same for you
- – -


While browsing on Tumblr a few months back, I came upon this space. The images portrayed were like nothing I had ever seen before, so much beauty captured in such a minimalistic way; pictures mostly about still life but there’s nothing static or depth-lacking about them, at least not to me. In them I find a voice that pulls me in, while mesmerising the senses, bringing subtle emotions to the surface.

Blanka Mateno’s approach to her own work is intuitive, and maybe that is exactly what surfaces in each of her photographs: a calling to what’s most instinctive in those who view her art. Because it is art, what she does, what she captures. Even if they don’t speak the same to you as they do to me, you can’t deny they do carry and bring forth some kind of reaction, of feeling. I could spend hours admiring every single one of them.

Without noticing it, perhaps, a dialogue has been happening within myself, reaching to the subjects, the stories I find most valuable to portray. The fascination for still life, nature has always been in me – those are always the images I am most proud, if one can use this word properly here, of showing. And yet, the little voice of insecurity couldn’t help but make me feel as if those images, those stories were less relevant, less beautiful than a person’s portrait, for example, less sublime than an overly touched-up picture, screaming colour through every pixel.

Blanka Mateno has awakened a response to that mischievous little voice, reminding me to capture with my heart, letting the other senses direct the flow of my sight. And so many other personal views resonated with her replies in an interview given to LUXLIT site when she was selected as one of their featured artists.

to see more of Blanka’s work:
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