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time for a ‘new year, old me’ post


It seems I’ve been in a rather introspective/saturnine mood ever since the clocks struck midnight and the champagne flowed from bottle to glasses. Don’t get me wrong – deeply excited about the coming year and what may bring but also aware of the many challenges to tackle. I didn’t come up with many resolutions in the beginning of last year and don’t intend on making them again. It feels disappointing to look back and realise you didn’t cross off much of those so-called resolutions and flunked back into the same old patterns. However, I do have a wish/intention for this year: to grow so that I can do. To blossom so that I can be all that I know I can be. To rise up to the occasion.

This turn of the year marks yet another move. By the end of January we expect to have moved out from our current place and into a new one, although it’s an oldie. A return to the roots, if you’d like to call it that, as we are headed to my grandparents’ place which has been vacant after my grandfather’s passing on the last leg of 2015. This makes the whole growing-doing-rising more important than ever: it is an incredible blessing, an unimaginable gift that is being given to us but which comes with its own set of sacrifices from my family’s end and it is imperative that I start making up for all their help and support these past couple of years.

Regarding the photo challenges, the first edition of #the52project will continue until Alice’s first birthday but meanwhile I have started the second edition for 2016 already, which will span the entire year properly. I will try to space out these postings but if it becomes too confusing, I will simply publish the challenge related to the ongoing year weekly and leave the remaining portraits for some other time, probably once it is finished. We’ll see.

Oh beginnings – which are really continuations- you inspire and overwhelm me so.

2015 • the word

Somehow I missed on finding a ‘word’ that would guide me throughout this past year. I remember having this motto, however, of “glowing together” or some weird cheesy line like that. The end of 2013 had inflated me with some newfound confidence, a new breath of hope for the following year but things didn’t turn out that way. Better said, I didn’t turn things around that way: apathy, anger, frustration, the usual fearful voices turned their ugly heads instead.

For 2015, I have come up with


Not only it seems necessary to forgive myself but forgive others who, I somehow feel, have done some wrongdoing in my life. It’s not about their actions, it’s about my reactions to said behaviour. It’s about accepting fear yet not letting it consume my own actions and decisions. (sigh, I have said and written about this so many times…)
It’s about opening up to change, challenge and choices. It’s about offering more of me to the ones I cherish and embracing the love. No promises to be made this time, but I will commit myself to trying. Because I want to, so bad.

2014 • in review

in 2014,

• travelled on my own for the first time • photographed Le Chat Lisboète‘s Spring/Summer catalog • captured 2 EYN events, one in Annecy and another in Athens • began letting go of my green hair and dyed it purple • saw my mother conquer one of her personal dreams by acting in a play, center stage • revisited friends in Karlsruhe • captured Marina Yogini‘s first international workshop • visited Heidelberg • kept missing Grandma • lost a dear family member • started taking my driver’s license! • captured an event for Retriever Clube Portugal • moved house (again) • captured BJ Galvan‘s workshop in Lisbon, hosted by Yogafool • marina & I drove to Sines & Corroios for 2 donation-based yoga classes for the AsWeGo Project • got featured in a dogs’ magazine • found out I was pregnant • turned 29! • cut my hair short again, losing all bleached ends • visited my sister in London and reconnected with other friends • captured the yoga fall workshop of Marina Yogini in Karlsruhe • found out we are having a girl! • got my driver’s license! • cried a lot, got too angry and decided to let go of other people’s bad energy • decided along with Marina to postpone our big American adventure for 2015 and put As We Go Project on hold • felt extremely grateful for having understanding friends and an incredibly supportive partner • lost some faith, found some peace • read 32 books (out of a goal of 35) •


So here we have it: 2 0 1 4 in some of its glory and gutter. A lot of high moments, even though there is still a lot to work on and improve. But we survived another year, we pulled through. And 2015 will only bring more challenges, more lessons and hopefully, more highs.

Wishing you a great year ahead! Make it memorable :)

2013 • in a nutshell (or more)

The ending of any year revives a quite reflective mood and this time was no different. I don’t remember much from 2012 but I do know I ended that year feeling, on one hand, more empty inside than I should, thinking how a year had passed by and not much had happened in it and, on the other, a sea of hope had washed over me, with an eminent change of place – among other changes.

Yes, 2013 was going to be a different year and although it didn’t feel as life-changing as it could have been, it’s important to keep in mind I’m not very avid for change to begin with, so having a-n-y-t-h-i-ng happen is more than reasonable for a heartfelt cheer.

2013 was kind to me, without a shadow of a doubt, and I feel oh so grateful for all the good things that happened and hopefully I can use those very moments to motivate me more and help to keep me on track in the direction I want to give my life. So, to sum it all up and tie it with a beautiful bow, here are my most cherished moments of 2013.

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• a Word for 2013 •

So, since the new year began I’ve been thinking a bit about what should be my WORD for 2013. There is some buzz going around about that, everyone has his or her little goals and cherished dreams they want to accomplish and I’m usually too vague about mine. This year is no exception. 2012 feels like a haze from where I’m standing now. It definitely feels out of place. And I don’t want this year to be the same, not even close. 

Concerning my own plans, I was going for something along the lines of courage, the bravery to do what needs to be done, to step out of this comfort zone where I end up getting so tangled in. But bravery carries such intensity and strength, becomes so overwhelming… doesn’t it? I was feeling bogged down already and nothing had happened yet! And then, I found it. I have my own WORD. A more subtle yet soul-reaching term that can embody that sense of bravery I so need to develop, among many other things.
My word is going to be

The ability to grow up and away from what is holding me down. 

The courage to grow the YINJOY Photography project
and my photography skills (especially my self-confidence).

The need to grow patience, balance expectations
and battle procrastination.

An overall spurt that can go on many directions and touch most areas of my life. Yup, really enjoying the sound of that: 2013, the year of all-around growth. 

Let’s get to it!

Oh! and what is your Word going to be?

in 2012, I will…

So here it is, my 2012 list so far:

  • (finally) getting my driver’s licence – shock and awe right here.
  • restart meditation: if only to have a few moments to myself, in silence, with those damn monkey thoughts.
  • learn to knit/sew: in your honour, Grandma.
  • find a job: ideally one who suits me, if not entirely, at least in some ways. I may not have much of an idea of what I’m cut out to do but I have some sense of what I don’t want to.
  • explore personal interests: baking, photography, whatever ticks; do workshops, if necessary.
  • be more organised: this is a resolution targeted at all aspects of my life, be it house chores, better time management or even my me-time.
  • prevention before remedy: this forces to give up on the couch-potato attitude and just do things.
  • find ways to better our living space and habits: from homemade cleaning tips to healthier eating.
  • a bit of stretch already but, as always, I hope to reset my running.
  • and, in the midst of all this… enjoy time with family, partner and friends. (the best part of it all)

challenging, it seems? but that’s the point and how this 2012 journey begins. I may not be able to pursue all of these goals in full but if I manage to address them all, in some way, I’m already ahead.

• resolute •

Way before the new year turning, I made one of those typical lists of resolutions. At the time, it was meant to focus on certain goals, as in, things that need to get done as soon as possible, with soon meaning… this year. Since none of them include such things as Peace to the World or vague, pocket-empty promises and the like, the purpose was to come up with objective, useful deadlines that would encourage me to better my life in this and following years.
Today, on the 1st of January 2012, I lie in bed with my red notebook untouched, the list claiming to be read, pondered, added to, taken down to something else other than scribbles on striped paper. On the first day of a new year, it is necessary to let go of the impending fear and tackle those goals I set for myself, head first. Because no one can – or shall – do them in my place and, ultimately, because it’s first about me but in close second it turns out to be about the family and dear ones kept very close to my heart.

So, with that in mind, 2012′s motto has turned into I Will instead of I Wish.
Does it feel like a good start?