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• at the Lisbon Book Fair, 29 apr •

After R.’s participation in that Sunday’s morning race – which, if you couldn’t tell, was blessed with a heartly downpour of rain right about the moment he crossed the finish line -, the weather picked up a bit around mid-afternoon, making my meet with friends at the Book Fair less… under the weather.

Turns out we did everything but buy books: we lounged on a coffee spot; we went up and down the park, barely stopping to look at the stands; some ate waffles while others went for a more suis generis delicacy, queijadinhas de Sintra (Sintra little cheesecakes); we stayed put on the grass for more gossip and chat frenzy. As the afternoon came to a close, there was the realization of having not bought one single reading item, going home empty-handed but, on the other hand, there were full smiles and friendships renewed. Couldn’t have gone better, wouldn’t say?

• 7th edition of Corrida Benfica, 29 apr •

By the end of April, R. participated in Corrida Benfica, a 10-km race around one of the city’s most prominent football stadiums. It was his first time ever and he had a great performance, finishing the race in less than an hour! I couldn’t haven been prouder, especially after witnessing that big post-race grin on his face.

• overlayin’ •

While snooping around my camera’s menu, I accidentally found the Overlay function. After taking a few test snaps, this was one of the first attempts at overlaying. The plants seem to be going up my nose but, in a way, it only makes it a lot more fun.

• rainy april 25 •

It rained on this national holiday of ours.
37 years ago, Revolution was brought onto the streets; carnations became the symbol of freedom, of new possibilities.
But this year we remain indoors, waiting for the rain to wash away all the bottled fear, for the fog to bring a better light to our days.

• gulbenkian park, 15 apr •

While making our way towards an exhibit on poet Fernando Pessoa – which was being held on the other side of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation -, we still took the time to enjoy the beautiful park that surrounds the Foundation’s building(s). There were ducklings happily trailing after their parents, sunshine that made all flowers and plants beam their vibrant, springtime colours… it almost made me forget the destination altogether.