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2013 • in a nutshell (or more)

The ending of any year revives a quite reflective mood and this time was no different. I don’t remember much from 2012 but I do know I ended that year feeling, on one hand, more empty inside than I should, thinking how a year had passed by and not much had happened in it and, on the other, a sea of hope had washed over me, with an eminent change of place – among other changes.

Yes, 2013 was going to be a different year and although it didn’t feel as life-changing as it could have been, it’s important to keep in mind I’m not very avid for change to begin with, so having a-n-y-t-h-i-ng happen is more than reasonable for a heartfelt cheer.

2013 was kind to me, without a shadow of a doubt, and I feel oh so grateful for all the good things that happened and hopefully I can use those very moments to motivate me more and help to keep me on track in the direction I want to give my life. So, to sum it all up and tie it with a beautiful bow, here are my most cherished moments of 2013.

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october, week 2

This week was mostly about small findings with big outcomes, even if only on a deeper, more personal level: finding peace in the little rituals of everyday, finding more Love for the people in one’s life, finding (or rather, remembering?) how much I enjoy train rides, finding a huge suitcase full of family heirlooms and old photographs and finally, finding out how okay and delicious having crumble for dinner can be.

> looking back: my first photography exhibit

It’s been a month since my first exhibition opening and it still doesn’t seem easy yet to speak about what happened. How strange it feels, so present and the moment far from sight.

exhibition yinjoyphotography

Looking back, the stress and anxiety which overflowed my days prior to the opening don’t feel as real. They seem a rather necessary aspect of the planning, envisioning, acting upon what there is to be done. But a new experience brings along a different layer of those expectations, what to expect and what is expected of me. To think of my pictures as a body of work, almost a physical entity that others may appreciate (or not), talk about and, eventually, buy. Strange strange strange. Still.

Every phase of this exhibition brought to light different variations of self-doubt but, in the end, also helped to get a better sense of what I want to do from this point on, and which path(s) to undertake. Seeing your own photographs displayed along a wall, carefully thought of and placed, admiring the whole Picture – using this metaphor as literally as possible – is a peculiar feeling to describe: as if a warming light, with no focal point to get at, begins to fill you from the inside and out, and you can’t help but stand there, in that very moment, surrounded by your own potential and smile – an endless, larger than life, from-head-to-toe grin.

exhibition yinjoyphotography

Till this day – and I’m hoping not to lose it for quite some time – I am grateful for all the support along the way, those who listened to my anguishes and doubts, who believed in going forward, who reminded me every single day of the blessing that is being able to do what you adore, who were there in the night before The Big Day, cutting tape and setting every image to its right place.

Also would like to thank each and every person who showed up on that day, and those who have payed a visit the following weeks, writing words of appreciation in the YINJOY guestbook. And to Wonderfeel, for trusting my work and allowing me to showcase it along their walls. It’s an incredible support system I have, no doubts about that.
exhibition yinjoy photographyexhibition yinjoyphotographyexhibition yinjoyphotographyexhibition yinjoyphotography

exhibition yinjoyphotography wonderfeelexhibition wonderfeel yinjoyphotographyexhibition yinjoyphotography wonderfeelexhibition yinjoyphotographyexhibition yinjoyphotography wonderfeel

exhibition wonderfeel yinjoyphotographyTo family. To Love. To friends.

(Photo credits: ©Artur Nunes/Marina Calado/Wonderfeel)

> september, week 4

Wanna see what the last week of September was like? Yeeeeeaaah, thought so.
There ya go, then!

1) On Monday, the weather went from hot&humid to just plain humid. And the ground got showered with beautiful yellowed leaves. Helloo, Autumn!

2) Then the monthlies came for the party, too. That was not fun but, hey, what’s a girl to do?

3) Rain stepped in the next day. There’s no party like a soakin’ party, amiraite? No? Damn…

4) Train to Lisbon. Staying at M’s place. Meeting new people. Watching them go for some after-dinner handstanding. There also might have been some kind of competition to see who had the best worst national singers? Portugal won, by the way. Marco Paulo was named King.

5) Enough of goofing around as Friday marked the first practice sessions of the European Yogi Nomads, whose latest edition took place in Lisbon. I took turns as participant and photographer. My goal for the next time is to handle both functions at. the same. freaking. time. Not going to happen but would be hilarious!

6) More EYN madness! Morning practice and main workshop held in a cute, little dance studio near Alfama. Found out yoga people are hardcore huggers. A lot of beautiful moments happened on this day.

7) The bad weather really really tried to bum us all out but the Yogafoolers let no rain fool them! Would have gone without being soaked to my bones on the way back home, though.

~ ~ ~
These snaps and more are daily posted on the YINJOY photography FB page! Go see!

> september, week 2

Highlights of the week leading up to a big, huge, amazing event: On the following saturday, this girl here typing this, had her first photography exhibit’s opening. It was incredible, despite the anxiety, and I’m hoping to write more about it all soon – very soon! Once my heart gets down from cloud nine, I’ll do it.

Have a great week, everyone!