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• a day to remember: quinta da Regaleira •

it’s been a while since this camera has seen the light of day – pun totally intended. during our friend Sisa’s visit for little over a week, and a trip to Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra planned, it seemed like the appropriate time to dust it off and snap away – while babywearing Alice, of course. i didn’t take that many pictures of the whole day but it was a just as good return to a condition that feels natural, most of the time.

the weather was just the right kind of hot, and when in sintra, you can always count on a fresh breeze once in a while so it wasn’t too unbearable while walking around; but whenever needed, there were always some grotto or tunnels nearby where we could escape to and cool down a bit more.


it feels good to be able to include Alice in these plans, to adapt schedules (both adults and child) so that everyone can enjoy the outing while i didn’t have to feel there was a dramatic choice to be made, between leaving my baby in somebody else’s care or not join in the activities. grateful of friends that help carry her bag or carrier, are patient about diaper changing and feeding times, happy to play and cuddle with her as well. she’s part of my life, our lives, and not having her with us wouldn’t feel right.

it was a short visit but we’re so glad Sisa was able to come anyway and hang out with us a bit. and the countdown is now set for september… :)

{ september 2013 }{ january 2014 }

Some do spring cleaning or come up with new year resolutions. Around here, these first months have taken me on a thorough photo scavenge hunt, looking at old pictures with fresher eyes, new perspectives and different colour edits. Still unsure if this is being fuelled by pregnancy insomnias or the other way around but, eh, who’s complaining?

• ghosts remain •

Again, the house.
The house where everything feels different while looking the same.
Lost in time.
The chair where she used to rest, or read, or simply sit and think.
Her sense of decor.
Her image lingering in a room that goes on, alone.

Yes –
this is a house from where someone left, too suddenly,
and every room awaits a return.

Although there is life, still, occupying the space -
it’s no life at all when absences grow heavier instead.

• first days, first pictures •


Looks like I didn’t take enough photos last year. Well, not exactly enough, just not better ones. And what’s the best way to take good photos? Taking lots of them (and then doing a very careful selection). The only way to improve: through practice. The only way to get somewhere: by taking steps. Last year I didn’t even shoot one roll of film – but I sent one to be developed. That’s a step… right?

2014 was infused with too many tantrums towards my camera and photographing, in general. Another area where (for)giving must be applied. To not overthink so much and accept I will rarely be satisfied with the results but that doesn’t mean I should give up trying.