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• february 14-17 •

(feb 14, sunday)

how timely that your best friend moved places at the same time.
new light and corners to get acquainted to, familiar with. now and then, some change feels good.

(feb 17, wednesday)

getting to terms with the fact leaving the house is as imperative as breathing. if not daily, at least every other day, when possible.
your senses as well as your sanity will indulge and thank the deep dive, to come back refreshed.
also acknowledging how important it feels to capture details of your days, no matter how random – you will know why.

moving out

here it is, the final day. only a few bits and bobs laying around and not many words regarding this house move. we are happy to go, let’s just say that. and grateful for blessings in disguise that come at a proper time. living here wasn’t bad, mind you. but even though we tried, it never felt like home. like a place we wanted to belong. or stay. hopefully the next year will allow us to think about where to go from here and do things in pursuit of just that: a place of our own to call home. in truth. in love. in peace.

• monday, 25 jan •

after a morning of thunder and heavy rain, it felt great to end monday with warm sunshine and a beautiful sunset.
i’m saying my goodbyes to the park and the neighbourhood we lived at for the past year and half.

we came here with certain prospects in mind that didn’t exactly pan out as they were promised to do,
and then the potential of alice began to grow in our lives.
here is where we welcomed her
and nurtured her
in those first few months.

nearly an year after, we say farewell with not much sadness but we did enjoy this place the best way we could.
as with every house move, i’m excited for what is to come next and what the future may bring our way.

sometimes things happen with the most extraordinary of timings.

• a funeral •

[São Martinho da Cortiça - Coimbra, PT]

there comes that point in life where you feel in the middle of a spectrum where on one side, everyone is getting married and having babies and, on the other, everyone seems to be passing. it is a bittersweet moment in a life, this – in one hand absolute joy while the other holds sorrow. but, you get to see family and even though the motive is not a happy one, the reunion allows for undertones of celebration for those of us still here, of so much that has been shared.