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• baking, with love •

The smell of something baking is probably one of the best smells ever.
No questions asked.

It may not last long but, boy! does it lift my spirits.

This special batch was made for R., as I hadn’t baked in a while and he was craving something sweet. Found a few recipes that caught my attention, one of them was kind of streudel-like and I kept the recipe for some other time and decided to go with the easier, quicker one. Mr. Valentine liked them but we both agreed that it should have been in the oven for a while longer so as to get crispier on top.

✏ recipe from here

• carrot cupcakes for little boy, apple cake for older birthday boy •

With extra apple, he said.
And so it was.

He didn’t ask for much, nor did he want to be showered with gifts so baking a cake he has grown to be fond of, seemed like a great way to gift him with something I’d be delighted to give. It may not be everlasting or have a solid battery life but… it’s always made from the heart.
And because I didn’t want to leave Kiddo with nothing to feast upon, a batch of carrot cupcakes came out smelling delicious in the middle of the night. To compensate for the lack of frosting – yet to be tried out although its sugary flavour doesn’t appeal much to me -, I came up with some poorly-executed DIY paper decorations.

• going global, 18 mar •

Cha Siu Bao.
Never tried until this day.
Homemade, though not by neither of us.

Seriously, what’s not to like about a steamed bun with wonderfully seasoned pork meat on the inside? A pocketful of deliciousness. Granted, mediterranean-inspired salad with Mexican fries and queso fresco may be far from what you’d expect as side dishes to Cha Siu Bao but… even so, the whole meal was heaven-sent.

• a scone feast, 18 mar •

There was red berries jam, butter, prosciutto, all sorts of cheese… a (dis)array of stuffings to accommodate scones in all shapes and sizes. And, to top it all off – as all of that wasn’t enough – mom brought a full plate of red berries crumble. 

The universe can be so belly-kind.

• scones, 17-18 mar •

It was only a matter of time, you know? A few cloudy, rainy days came along and it seemed like the perfect timing to venture onto some scone bakin’. Fluffy, moist, plain, with raisins, blueberries, too big for a mouth to take in one single bite or small enough to fit into one’s hand… There are scone recipes to every liking and who here can resist them?

The first batch went straight to T.’s parents and the second…
Well, we just had to invite my parents over for a tasting, now didn’t we?