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• a darker mood •

© YINJOY Photography

Going through my photo library lately, editing here and there. It’s slowly making me want to pick up the camera again but I’ve noticed the edits have been falling into a much darker side than usual. Well, never been a sunny-side-up kind of girl but have my occasional splash of colour. The feel to these images, however, seems mysterious, almost eerie, as being wrapped in a blanket of the darkest velvet. And I love love love it.

• a brief salutation •

After moving from the heart of the capital (well, almost) to a quiet little town, coming back to Lisbon for a quick stop brings a different way of looking at things.
First of all, it’s strange to be there and knowing your former house isn’t yours anymore and therefore, there’s no place of your own where to land (and hide in).
All there is left to do is wander the streets. And although strange, it isn’t necessarily bad. You take the opportunity to look at the city with other eyes, the eyes of someone who is outside of all that hustle and bustle now, eyes that won’t be lost in attention to those details for long.

You take it all in, then you move on. And that’s how it feels right to greet this city, admiring her from afar, extending a brief hello… until next time.

• the Yin to this Yang •

And there it is. Couldn’t be helped. Ever since I entered the blogging world, there has been a lot of wandering, of hopping from one virtual place to create yet another from time to time; the epitome of my eternal insatisfaction.

Before this photo journal with the occasional musings came to be, I was always striving for the balance between words and images on my virtual nooks. Some began with words and ended up only documenting the days with pictures, others began with pictures and then I couldn’t *not* include a few thoughts, here and there.
With this place, the decision was just to write or post the images I felt like sharing, whatever the amount. It became an exercise on trust and knowing what to keep and what to let go. All the draft posts collected show it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

The mood I’ve tried to convey here was more of a somewhat assertive, curious, sharing character. Sometimes it’s hard, I’m far from what you consider an outgoing, social person and there’s not much patience to spend time writing posts, choosing images, thinking of the context box to put all of that in. My usual mood is introspective, a nostalgia dweller and simply posting pictures is the second best thing close to a glimpse of what’s going on.

With all this being said, I had been thinking for a while of creating place on the internets that could better embody that part of my self. A place exclusively for photographs, mostly in black and white (but not all of them!), since those have been the ones I care more about lately. A place to showcase details of walks, lunches, meaningful portraits. The Yin to this Yang.

So, in retrospect: the photo journal will busy itself with ramblings, photography tips, news relating to the YINJOY Photography project, a more overly exposed side of things while the other will simply… expose.

Without any further ado: Welcome to What Sara Sees.

• home practice, marina calado •

We had this… idea, for a while. To do a very mellow session, only Marina and her practice. Letting her get into the poses, no rush whatsoever. It so happened after she came back from an intensive Immersion that left one of her hips a bit sore. But did that stop her? Na-uh. Maybe it was from the crazy amount of crepes we gulped down right before. And after?
We treaded the city and did another shoot at one of Lisbon’s parks. It didn’t go quite as we’d hoped but it was great all the same. Upon our return, another heavy dose of crepes. Yup, it was a pretty intense day.

✏ More photos at YINJOY Photography

(Keep updated on Marina’s yogiful journey by following her MarinaYogini‘s page)

• Life in B&W •

Practice is the right way to go, with mostly everything, and photography is no exception to the ‘rule’. Even though I’m far from mastering the more technical aspects of picture-taking, I got supa-dupa excited about shooting B&W film and couldn’t wait to finish the roll and see the results. It’s funny to realize that at the time being taken, some shots had been envisioned in a completely different way in my mind. I guess that’s what you get when you’re used to capture the world in technicolour ;)
Photographs in black and white have a certain je-ne-sais-quois to them and with the results of this first roll of film already in my hands and before my eyes, I can now work with subjects, expectations and shadow play to render better pictures. These aren’t perfect but they’ve already become quite special. To me.

What do you think? :)