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• brisk walk in the park •

today, sunday. went for a quick walk around a park nearby, to enjoy this rare warm weather in October. felt like Summer, so unusual, but oh so nice to feel the sun caressing your face instead of grey skies and dull rain. read for a bit but had brought the camera in my bag, just in case. and after a little while decided to take the camera for a few snaps.

found: mushrooms!

and held my butt in the air, embarassingly, so as to capture the littlest ones.
remained at the lily pond, enamoured by the water lilies that were peeking here and there.
have you ever seen plants so gracious?

all in all, a good first try to get back in touch with my camera (once again).

• a darker mood •

© YINJOY Photography

Going through my photo library lately, editing here and there. It’s slowly making me want to pick up the camera again but I’ve noticed the edits have been falling into a much darker side than usual. Well, never been a sunny-side-up kind of girl but have my occasional splash of colour. The feel to these images, however, seems mysterious, almost eerie, as being wrapped in a blanket of the darkest velvet. And I love love love it.

flora, 2-6 abr

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on his best sunny behaviour during our stay, which meant that most days were spent under a very cloudy, rainy mood. But at least rain drops are the best accessory on flowers and nature in general. They look so simple and yet, I couldn’t get enough of these lovelies.