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• a day to remember: quinta da Regaleira •

it’s been a while since this camera has seen the light of day – pun totally intended. during our friend Sisa’s visit for little over a week, and a trip to Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra planned, it seemed like the appropriate time to dust it off and snap away – while babywearing Alice, of course. i didn’t take that many pictures of the whole day but it was a just as good return to a condition that feels natural, most of the time.

the weather was just the right kind of hot, and when in sintra, you can always count on a fresh breeze once in a while so it wasn’t too unbearable while walking around; but whenever needed, there were always some grotto or tunnels nearby where we could escape to and cool down a bit more.


it feels good to be able to include Alice in these plans, to adapt schedules (both adults and child) so that everyone can enjoy the outing while i didn’t have to feel there was a dramatic choice to be made, between leaving my baby in somebody else’s care or not join in the activities. grateful of friends that help carry her bag or carrier, are patient about diaper changing and feeding times, happy to play and cuddle with her as well. she’s part of my life, our lives, and not having her with us wouldn’t feel right.

it was a short visit but we’re so glad Sisa was able to come anyway and hang out with us a bit. and the countdown is now set for september… :)

• remembering annecy •

It was the beginning of february and winter was quite pleased with himself – it had been a cold, grey, rainy season. just as expected. i was pleased with myself, too. February had taken me on a flight to Annecy, near the French Alps, to photograph the first European Yogi Nomads event of 2014.

The previous week, my concerns were not only tied to flying alone – travelling alone, to be more exact – for the first time (in my 28 years of existence) but how I would adapt to the weather conditions over there: snow-capped mountains are not exactly the epitome of warmth. But warm it was – thanks to heated rooms and a really handy mountain jacket I had brought upon departure, but also to the cozy environment that ends up emerging in these EYN events.

It was a lot to take in, many first times in several different ways but I still managed to use one of the lunch breaks to wander about the surroundings. Sadly, the rain soon came and I had to cut my solo walk short but it was enough. It was quite enough.

yinjoy photography, annecy, france, nature yinjoyphotography, annecy, mountains, french alps, nature
yinjoyphotography, annecy, house, nature

yinjoyphotography, annecy, black and white, staircase yinjoyphotography, annecy, building

• a stroll around town, 20 may •

Now that the weather has finally winded down and the rain has allowed for more breathing room into the days, we decided to take an afternoon to visit the city centre. Ever since our move, I haven’t really gone around to know Santarém, the nearest city to this quiet village where we’re living in, so, I was glad to get out and explore a bit.
Some streets and corners reminded me a little of the neighbourhood we were at in Lisbon – Alfama – although I think those streets were a tad busier, livelier, compared with these. While Alfama carries a very ancient feel, Santarém seems more of a village who has acquired fancier shoes yet is still able to maintain a country-like flair: people were taking their time, women walking with a casual spring in their step, just the right amount of city spirit.
It was a good introduction, and it felt quite nice walking about, watching the shop windows and little businesses (even spotting a photo shop here and there!) and growing a better sense of where I am, where I am to be.

• a brief salutation •

After moving from the heart of the capital (well, almost) to a quiet little town, coming back to Lisbon for a quick stop brings a different way of looking at things.
First of all, it’s strange to be there and knowing your former house isn’t yours anymore and therefore, there’s no place of your own where to land (and hide in).
All there is left to do is wander the streets. And although strange, it isn’t necessarily bad. You take the opportunity to look at the city with other eyes, the eyes of someone who is outside of all that hustle and bustle now, eyes that won’t be lost in attention to those details for long.

You take it all in, then you move on. And that’s how it feels right to greet this city, admiring her from afar, extending a brief hello… until next time.

• Temple of Photography, 5 may •

Located in Golegã is the Carlos Relvas house-studio, an impressive abode erected mostly in honour of photography. On our way back from Dornes, we decided to stop by and take a quick look.
The studio’s structure is made of glass all around, which ensured it was exposed to natural light and a curtain system allowed to better control that exposure.

Nowadays, the studio is turned into a museum while also giving insight into the life and photography work of the house’s former owner and visionary. Although it wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the inside, I still managed to take a few snaps but didn’t want to push my luck any further than that. Even so, it seems possible to have some idea of this structure and maybe wink at your curiosity to go and experience it for yourself! I tell you, being inside that studio is quite incredible.